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Instructor Code of Conduct
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I will ensure that my tuition is within the terms of the law, particularly with reference to driver licensing and giving a professional service. I will not use my mobile phone during driving lessons, except in emergency. I do not smoke nor will I allow anyone to smoke within my tuition vehicle. I will respect my pupil’s personal space and will avoid any physical contact unless it is necessary to assist with a skill associated with learning to drive. I will not use improper or suggestive language. I will not mislead the pupil over services provided and will always teach for the entire time that the pupil has paid for. All lessons will be paid for at the time, or in advance. No pupil’s personal information will be divulged to others,unless the pupil has given permission beforehand. I will endeavour, whilst training pupils, to maintain a safe and stress-free environment, if at all possible. My training vehicle will always be in good condition and mechanical order, and will be properly taxed and insured.